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Defining definition or something like that

Ok so here I go... I happen to see a post where they talked about things like "I'm proud to be black/white/Asian e.t.c (you can find it here)  and I felt the need to say my to cent worth of it (or how the saying goes...). What follows is the the comments i posted to them...

As I understand there are to thing going on here, ethnicity (the biology factor, genetic markers) and nationality (the social factor, the sense where one belongs). And when discussing thing like these one should be specific.

With today's globalization it becomes harder and harder to defined nationality which is the main reason of those two to start so many debates. Race/ethnicity are genetic markers that one is born with that will determined how you look like, and the is actually very little one can do for that or cast blame at. One can't help being born to a certain "race".

Take me for example: My ethnicity is mixed since I have ancestry from South America, South Europe and Scandinavian. My nationality have been also mixed since I was born in Sweden but live my first years in Argentina (which is where my parents where born), but the last 25 years I I have live in Sweden. I would define myself as Swedish but every time I'm say it, people look at me and say "yeah but where do you come from?", even though I have a classic Swedish name and and the only thing that's different in me from that traditional Swedish girl is that I'm not a tall, thin, blond and that I speak with a very slight accent that that comes from a mix of speaking Spanish with the family and Värmländska (a Swidish dialect) used with friends while growing up. The funny thing is that when I'm in Argentina and say that I'm Argentinian (both because ancestry and because I have a dual citizenship) they still say , "Yeah but where are you really from?"...

When people say thing like "I'm proud to be ..." (even though the person/s uses generic words such as black, Asian, white, Latino on so on) is because the person fells proud to belong to or feel affinity to a certain group of people.
Sorry for the ramble. I Hope I have made some sense in all of this, just wanted to get it out of my chest...
It is as you said: just because one is one thing doesn't men that one feel affinity with that.
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such long time...

2 years since I last posted... But I've been an avid lurker... =)
update on me... Studying to be a nurse though it's going slowly. Quit my part-time job as a personal caring assistant, and starting to do part time work at the hospital as undersköterska a type of licensed practical nurse and who also can take blood test when needed.

Will try to at least write once a month in here... lets see how that resolution goes...
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Why I am as I am, part 1

My sense of worth really got changed when I turned 7. Before that I never really put any thought to my weight. But starting first grade changed something, I started comparing myself to the rest of the kids. Looking back at photos from that time I see that I was very normal for my age, but I remember feeling so much bigger than my more skinnier friends. Matters didn't get better when the interest in boys got in picture. The boys I liked, liked my friends and the boys I confessed to always turned me down, and since I wasn't an ugly girl it must be that I was fat ( at least in my mind). I started preferring to do things by myself and turning down invitations from my friends. things got worse since I was the first girl in my class to get menstruation and for my body to start developing. Suddenly I was the tallest girl in my class ( only lasted for a year ) and our teacher had the brilliant idea (not!) to tell the whole class why I had started to skip gym every now and then. Photos from fifth grade and upwards start to show me gaining more and more weight. It is around this time that my parents divorced, but I can't with honesty say if that affected my weight gain. What I do know is that my father have always been fat/obese and his talk of me being like him never did me any good (all though I know he never meant any harm and was never never malicious).

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Quiting time

I salute all of those who work and studies at the same time.

Last february I got fulltime employed as personal caring assistent for an disable girl. In september I began studing to be a RN and I was able to change my work time to be only on the weekends (8 hours on saturdays and 8 hours on sundays).
After working and studing fulltime for half year I'm completly exhausted.

So this past friday i gave notice to work that I'm quiting. I really like studing nursing and I want to have my whole concentration on that.

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My first stepts into becoming a nurse

ok.. so this week I was accepted for the nurse program at my college. I'm really excited about this... I think it wil suit me better than language teacher would.

Still I must work on not being affected too much by big injuries..
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Frosty window decoration

The only photo I have taken this winter. It was taken on Christmas day and this had appeared on my mom's kitchen window... ^_^

Click on the picture to see it fullview and catch all the pretty details.
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The truth about my life

How can I tell my family the thruth?
They think that for the past 5 years I have been studying and that I will graduate in a year.
How can I tell them that it's all been a lie. That for the past years I have been doing nothing at all? Every year starts the same, with me actually wanting to study and enrolling for courses but after a couple of weeks I just cant drag myself from home to school. I know I should have more discipline, but I'm week.

I hate myself for not having the strenght. But most of all I hate myself for how I'm going to wound my family when I finally tell the truth. I love them. They mean everything to me. And it kills me that, most probably, by this time next year everything will have change. They will still love me, I don't doubt that, but they will most likely never belive or trust me anymore.

At the same time it's good that this is coming to an end, it has obligated me to begin make order in my life, and the firts thing on the list is get a job.

I have an job-interview on monday.
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a new year....

OK so new year has begun....

My new year resolutions...

1 - To get a job

2- to tell my family about my true life

3 - Use that damned orbitrek I bought last year!

No fun-loving resolutions for this year. After 6 years it's time I get myself sorted out...
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A new Winter wondeland layout!

Ok... So I have change my layou.. to a more winter-y one...

it's been forever since I last did so.

I found a layout I liket at gawariel_design   [the original] but of course I hade to go and change things... shhh don't let anybody know...
There is still a small error that I cant seem to fix but overall I'm pleased how it turned out.

And for anybody that wonders, it's actually a photo that I took at Våtsjön years ago that is being used now..