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And so I fell on the moon

forever in a moment

23 April 1984
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by pixiegrl_11

My profile is not done, but at least there is more here than before...

Things I am:
22 1/2, international, lonely, student (to be a high school teacher of all stupid things!), dreamer (I soo want to be an astronaut when I grow up), positive, childish (still sings out loud, dances in public places, jumps in piles of leaves and so much more that it's embarrassing), know-it-all, lazy, narcissist, scared, obsessive, tender, protective, jealous and hopefully much more

My obsessions:
my hair, my weight, spander fiction, internet, icons, music, Bones, Ugly Betty, warmth, photography, finding a boy/girlfriend and so on, and so forth

My anxieties:
my weight, balloons and insects (there is nothing worse that these), heights (but not from flying), my inability to find a boy/girlfriend, cleaning, my cold hands etc, etc...

Love to travel, places I have been:

Argentina: lived in Buenos Aires for 6 years
Cuba: Varadero, Havana
USA: Tuscon (Arizona), Orlando (Florida), New York
UK: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow
Spain: Barcelona, the Pyrenees, Alicante, Torrevieja, Elche, Seville, Islantilla
Rest of Europe: Paris (France), Rome, Napels, Capri (Italy), Bilbao, San Sebastian (Basque Country), Faru, San Antonio (Portugal), Parga (Greece)
Scandinavia: Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland) and I live in SWEDEN, so lets just leave it at that.
And the last: Sri Lanka and the Maldives

You can find my icons at angelsandtrolls Yay! I have won some icon awards! Which can be find and the profile page.
You are most welcome to join if you want.

made for me by the wonderful shanmara

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by bang_b_a_n_g

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